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The Third Truth

Occidental Exile
2 June
I am a scholar of religion with aspirations to publish and teach. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. at Northwestern University.
aflatun, alchemy, amsterdam, anna kingsford, apuleius, arthur machen, asses, bartcop, blavatsky, boehme, books, cabala, cagliostro, car-free lifestyle, cathars, cerebus, ceremony, chicago, choral singing, comparative religion, consciousness, crata repoa, crazy dominicans, crowley, cryptology, demons, dionysos, dissent, docetism, dream, ecclesia, eliphas levi, emanuel swedenborg, enantiodromia, epiphanius, esotericism, faust, five-string banjo, freemasonry, genius, giacomo casanova, giordano bruno, gnosticism, grad school, grimoires, hagiography, henry corbin, heresy, hermeticism, hermetics, heterology, hierology, history of religion, holy graal, humanities, hypatia of alexandria, hypnerotomachia, impiety, intellectualism, iron and wine, ishmael reed, isopsephy, italo calvino, james branch cabell, james morrow, joachim of fiore, john crowley, john dee, jules doinel, kerygma, kledomancy, klossowski, laws of form, lecturing, legerdemain, libraries, liturgy, llullism, magia, magic, mahatmas, martinism, medievalism, melothesia, memory, mesmerism, mnemotechny, mysticism, neo-gnosticism, neo-platonism, neo-templarism, nietzsche, nihilism, norman o. brown, occultism, orientalism, p-funk, parzival, paschal beverly randolph, pentangle, personification, phallicism, phillip dick, philosophy, postmodernism, prince hall, profanation, promethea, prophets, prosopopoeia, prospero, prudentius, psychomachia, r.a. lafferty, race treason, religion, ritual, roger bacon, rosicrucianism, saints, sapientia, secret chiefs, secret societies, secularization, sphinxes, steely dan, strindberg, sufism, surrealism, swinburne, syncretism, tautegory, templars, temples, theater, theosophy, thomas szasz, thomas taylor, traditionalism, trance, transmetropolitan, ulthar, utopianism, visionary experience, vulgate, weird tales, wilhelm reich, william blake, witch trials, witchboards